Dakota Reno

Work in Progress

SlimOS v2.0: 64%
- GUI done
-Plugin system done and workable
-SDK and API needs more work
-Boot sequence done
-Logon, shutdown, and logoff sequences need to be finished

vOS: 15%
- GUI started
- Core code began
- Resources: 5%
- Plugins: 90-100%

libOS: 95%
- Still needs API coding
- Needs more I/O handling


This section will be updated every once in while.

My current projects are as listed as below:


A fast, light-weight browser using my custom web browser control, emBrowser.

It is currently in its early alpha stages. So don't expect anything to be working properly or coming with full of features until it hits the major versions.

Current bugs(s):
- ProgressBar doesn't stop even when the page is done loading.
- ProgressBar remains green or red while done loading the page.
- WARNING! Browsing is very slow due to to the file i/o of the browsing history.
- To disable session browsing history, open up settings and goto section [Default], then find key UseBrowserHistory=1, and then change [1]  to [0].


JSBrowser .NET

One of my latest projects: a JScript .NET web browser. Only programmed using only the bare bones of Microsoft .NET Framework - JScript .NET.

Current bugs, and unfixed features:
- Menu's and toolbar's aren't yet present.
- Opening a new window within the webpage causes it to load in Internet Explorer.
This will be implemented and fixed in the near but distant future.

Click here to download the latest version