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How to Install GTA: VCS PSP CheatDevice on PSP 3000 Pro CFW 6.3x/6.6x B9/B10

Posted by Dakota Reno on March 24, 2012 at 10:40 PM


First of all you need a PSP model 3000, with PSP Pro CFW 6.3x/6.6x B9/B10. I will post another how-to guide on that soon.


1. Download all necessary files below:


1. Download the zip file

2. Connect your PSP and put it in storage mode

3. Either choose 1 of 2 ways:

  • Extract all files from the zip archive onto the PSP's MemoryStick's root folder.
  • Extract all file into another folder and manually copy them to the root of the MemoryStick

3. Now open Windows Explorer or any filemanager and navigate to the root of the MemoryStick

4. Navigate to the SEPLUGINS(use correct casing) folder

5. Open the "GAME.TXT" file with NotePad or any text editor

6. Add the following line(s):

ms0:/seplugins/vcscheatdevice.prx 1

7. Explanation: 1 or 0 indicates "1" Enabled or 0 "Disabled"

8. Now launch GTA: LCS on your PSP

9. Press L+Up to open the CheatDevice Menu

10. Controls: Shown on screen Arrows to Navigate; X to Enable/Disable/Select

11. NOTE: If the menu doesn't pop-up, wait a few secs for it to load, and if that doesn't work, go back to Step 6 and ENABLE(1) both or the ms0:/seplugins/vcscheatdevice.prx 1 line.

12. Note: You must be running Pro CFW in prior to be able to do all this.

13. Note: You may also Enable/Disable Plugins (including CheatDevice) by accessing the Recovery Menu by running Pro CFW and Press Select at the XMB and selecting Recovery [Menu] and then Plugins -> and scroll down to the plugin (or in this case ms0:/seplugins/vcscheatdevice.prx).


So far the only version of CheatDevice VCS PSP that works is the "modded" version I found on PSP Homebrew site a while ago. It included hex-editing the UMD Original CheatDevice LCS PS2 version and porting it to the PSP. Some features will vary due to the hex-editing. Without hex-editing, CheatDevice would never have been loaded on the PSP. Also the original version of CheatDevice PSP meant for non-UMD versions, had broken links on CheatDevice.com and the old-but-still-working site MaxBot.com. That is why I created this little guide and uploads of what was found. Bare with this guide, as I copied and pasted it from the prev. guide.

For a video on this guide go here on YouTube (NOT MINE):


Happy Hacking! 8)

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