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TI-nspire CX Problems

Posted by Dakota Reno on March 20, 2012 at 4:45 PM

TI-nspire CX

Overall, a decent calculator. Sometimes there's problems, though. For instance, try installing Ndless on it. I did. Here's how the story went:

I was looking for an OS Extender for my calculator to run some homebrew. Downloaded the Ndless extender, went through the installation instructions, and installed it. Or so I thought...

It froze, then I rebooted it. It froze at the clock at boot-time. See:

Pressed the [On] or [Home] button and clock went away but the background remained. So I looked and looked and looked on Google for some answers, nothing. So I found this on Omnimaga. I tried pressing [Doc] [Enter] and [EE] keys at boot-time and releasing them AS SOON AS it turns on when I pressed the [Reset] button on the back. It then shown recovery menu with 4 options:

1. Cancel - The most non-intrusive reset option; no changes are made, the unit restarts.

2. Delete Operating System – The operating system will be deleted without deleting any documents.

3. Delete Document Folder Contents – This will delete the user’s documents, but will not delete the OS.

4. Complete Format – This will delete the OS and all documents for a total erase of memory.

I then chose the 2nd option, but that didn't work after I reboot the calculator. I then tried the 4th option, deleting and erasing everything of My Documents I had saved, even though the USB Link worked, but it didn't matter. After that it formatted the NAND Partition, along with the OS. I rebooted it, then installed the OS, then rebooted again, and it did the samething again.

So I went searching again. I have forgotten the last post here also on the same thread, it included another Recovery or Maintence Menu for Recovery and Diagnost Tools and Tests. Accessed by HOLDING and RELEASING the [Esc] [Menu] [Minus] keys at boot-time using the same method as described above. Tests that are included are Touchpad, Keyboard, Battery, NAND Partition(VERY important), and others. Controls are simple:

Use [*] (multiply) or [/] (dividing) signs

Use [UP] or [DOWN]

- to scroll up or down.

Use [ENTER] to begin or accept tests.

Use [ESC] to exit tests or go back [to the prev. menu].

* Or if using numbers is easier, use the number keys. *

* On certain tests it asks you to select {PASS} or select {FAIL} to Pass or Fail tests, use the [UP] or [*] to pass the test or use the [DOWN] or [/] to fail the test. *

Finally, there in the "Additional Function" Menu, was my answer in fixing the calculator: 'SDRAM / Nand Test'. In the menu was other tests and in those tests specifically, are the very core, precious tests in order for the TI-nSpire CX to boot properly. So I ran all those tests, all succeded. For some reason that was the problem.

* Note: Some tests will fail either because the calculator doesn't have the required hardware or because it doesn't have the right resources, resulting in a false-failure. Otherwise, fail is a true-failure. *

To wrap up, ALWAYS use the Diagnostic Menu first then the Recovery Menu to not lose any of your data.

NOTE: This tutorial/problem isn't 100% accurate, but it is 90-99% accurate.

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